План- конспект открытого урока в 6 а классе.

Тема: Вымирающие животные. Написание устава для общества. (Endangered animals. Writing a charter for society.)


1. обучающая- обобщить и углубить знания по теме «Animals in our life»;

2. воспитательная- воспитание гуманизма по отношению к животным;

3. развивающая- учить творчески подходить к решению поставленной задачи.


  1. Активизировать лексический материал по теме «Animals»
  2. Провести «Brainstorm» к слову «society»
  3. Посмотреть и обсудить презентацию «Endangered Animals»
  4. Написать устав для общества
  5. Оформить проект

Оборудование: УМК, компьютер, проектор, ватман, статьи о животных из журнала, картинки животных, карточки с названиями животных, презентация, бумага, фломастеры, карандаши, ножницы, клей.

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент- 3 мин.

T: Good morning!                 P: Good morning!

How are you?                       Fine, thank you. And you?

Who is on duty today?         I am.

What date is it today?           Today is the 22nd of November.

Who is absent today?           P1, p2 are absent today.

  1. Основной этап- 32 мин.

T: Tell me, please, what is the topic of our unit?

P: Animals in our life.

T: That`s right! And today we are going to speak about endangered animals and we`ll become a zoological society. 

  1. Речевая разминка- 2 мин.

T: Let` s review some animals. I`ll give you words and you are to make a rhyme using animals.

-         Hot- dog

-         Fat- cat

-         Big- pig

-         House- mouse

-         Fog- frog

-         Hair- bear

-         Lake- snake

  1. «Brain storm»- 5 мин.

T: Today we are going to create a zoological society. But what is a society? And what should we do to become a society?

                Group             information aim

                title                                   charter

                    motto            society

                                 experience    project

  1. Создание названия и девиза общества- 5 мин.

T: We have 3 groups of 7-6 pupils. Each group should create a title and a motto. After that we`ll choose the best title for our zoological society. You have 3 minutes to do it. The time is over! Present you variants, please.

Ps: Our title is… Our motto is…

T: Let`s vote which is the best? The 1st, the 2nd the 3rd.

  1. Презентация- 7 мин.

T: Let`s analyze: we have 3 groups of 1 society, the title, the motto. And what is the aim?

 P: we should make a project, a charter.

T: But we have few information. That`s why I prepared a presentation for you. Look through the presentation and learn something new.

  1. Написание устава- 5 мин. (раздаточный материал-статьи из журнала)

T: Now you have more information. So, every pupil should write a sentence for the charter.

And I have a special task for 3 pupils- match animals and their names.

Time is up, read your results, please.

  1. Создание проекта- 8 мин.

T: Now let`s divide the task for each group to make the project. The 1st group will be responsible for title and motto.  The 2nd group will be responsible for laws. The 3rd group will be responsible for pictures.

Try your best to make our project as quickly as possible.

  1. Заключительный этап- 10 мин.
  2. Home task- 3 мин.

T: At home you are to make a crossword with the use of 6 words. The topic is «Animals»

For example: A domestic animal that lives in most Russian houses (3 letters). What is it?

P: a cat

  1. Рефлексия, подведение итогов- 7 мин.

T: What have we done/ made or learnt during the lesson?

P1, 2, 3…: a project; a charter; a society…

T: Thank you for the work! Today I give «5»s to…- your answers were complete and logical; «4»s to…- your answers had some grammatical and logical mistakes; «3»s to…- your answers were not full and you had a lot of mistakes.

The lesson is over! Good bye!

Карточки к уроку:

Слова для карточек:

snowleopard, bat, beaver, polarfox,



polarbear, mink, walrus, bison, snowram,


dolphin,whale, turtle, triton, canetoad,